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Established in 2017 after deregulation of the English water market, Telex Water has developed a strong customer centric and highly experienced team, all with the common goal to make water simple for businesses.

Our services and approach

Smart water procurement

Account management

Retail tariff optimisation

Water efficiency planning & implementation

Bill validation

Cost recovery program

Data analysis

Usage diagnostics and reporting

About us

Telex Water is a respected water consultancy, established in 2017 after the deregulation of the water market in England and over the past 6 years has developed a strong customer centric team with over 40 years of extensive water industry expertise all with the common goal to make water simple for businesses.

Telex Water takes a holistic approach to reducing water and wastewater spend through the delivery of smart tailor-made solutions combining:

  • Retail price savings
  • Data visibility and reporting
  • Usage reduction and efficiencies
  • Billing improvements and validation
  • Over charge recovery
  • Dedicated account management

Retail price savings

Through competitive tender between a selection of quality approved suppliers, Telex Water will:

Reduce retail charges

Beat inflationary pressures by fixing retail charges for up to seven years

Allow customers to secure new supply contracts up to two years in advance of their start date

Deliver no back-charging for unbilled sites

Data visibility and reporting

We passionately believe that having visibility of what you are consuming will deliver usage reductions and cost savings. We have a range of smart monitoring equipment that will help identify:

  • Usage trends and areas of wastage
  • Costly leakages
  • Network issues and the required optimum flow rate
  • Actual recorded usage sent to the supplier, eliminating estimated bills and manual meter reads.

Our monitoring equipment is OFWAT approved and will deliver data to the supplier for billing accuracy alongside Telex Insights, a unique customer portal that will give clear visibility and reporting of all data thereby allowing us to proactively work with our customers to deliver efficiencies and reduce spend.

Usage reduction and efficiencies

Telex Water has an extensive range of products and services to suit all business:

  • Specialist Water Audits – On-site water audits by a water efficiency specialist. To benchmark usage and identify opportunities to improve consumption and waste disposal
  • Consumption Reduction Program – Creation of a pathway to secure a reduction in annual consumption of circa 15-20% which will drive substantial future savings and mitigate against rising wholesale costs.
  • Efficiency Products – Telex Water has a range of approved products designed to reduce water consumption and wastage.

    Billing improvements and validation

    Water companies have not had the best reputation for billing accuracy and customers can waste huge amounts of valuable time with intermittent and often estimated bills.

    • Telex Water will work with suppliers to improve billing frequency, accuracy and customer payment terms
    • Telex Water has a team of bill validation experts that really understands the intricacies of wholesale and retail costs and will deliver an additional comprehensive bureau service ensuring all bills are accurate and billing disputes are dealt with promptly.

    Over charge recovery

    • Telex Water’s cost recovery experts will review, analyse and where required investigate a customer’s current and historical charges. Identifying any areas of overcharging, billing errors or possible rebates, which can be backdated for up to 6 years.
    • Leaving nothing out and exploring all potential avenues to deliver future savings. This meticulous work has allowed Telex Water to identify and recover hundreds of thousands of pounds for our customers.

      Dedicated account management

      All Telex Water customers will be assigned an account manager that they can call directly and will be there to:

      • Liaise with suppliers to clearly answer any day-to-day queries
      • Manage any meter issues and deliver billing accuracy
      • Manage new meter installations
      • Manage the provision of new or upgraded water supplies

        The Telex Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services Framework

        Telex Water is breaking boundaries within the Public Sector through our unique government backed framework. We deliver an innovative holistic approach to water spend management, enabling authorities to Buy Better, Use Less, recover past overpayments and improve billing.

        The Framework has been specially designed to pair up retail price cost savings with quality of service and usage efficiency to deliver a truly unique holistic approach to reducing spend.

        The Framework operates on a mini-competition format between pre-approved providers and to reflect our holistic approach.

        It is split into 2 Lots – Lot 1 focusing on retail spend, Lot 2 addressing overall usage. Both Lots are judged on price and quality of service.

        Our highly experienced water experts will work closely with customers to deliver a comprehensive usage and spend analysis which will allow us to create a package of services tailored to meet their current and ongoing requirements, these include:

        • Retail price protection for the next 7 years
        • A consumption reduction pathway of circa 15-20%.
        • Portal provision giving usage visibility, alerts and reporting leading to leakage detection and wastage reductions.
        • Bill validation and possible rebate analysis
        • On site efficiency audits
        • Delivery of exceptional value and great service

        Smart water procurement

        Account management

        Retail tariff optimisation

        Water efficiency planning & implementation

        Please call us on 0191 9179050 to discuss how the Telex framework can support you.

        How the commercial water market operates

        However, consumer engagement and supplier switching activity has been low, driven in part by incumbent water suppliers not wishing to inform customers of more competitive tariffs and therefore risk them moving away from more lucrative deemed rates.

        Consequently, most business remain on these deemed tariffs and thus pay the worst price for their water and wastewater.

        • The wholesale charge – which is 100% passed through to the end consumer. Wholesalers are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the network; they own the assets and are also accountable for the water and wastewater treatment. The wholesale charge represents circa 92% of overall customer cost.  The only way to affect this charge is to use less water through better usage management, efficiency measures and leakage detection.

        • The retail charge – levied by the water suppliers to provide customers with retail supply agreements, customer service related activities such as, billing, metering and customer support. This charge accounts for circa 8% of overall customer cost. The only way to affect this charge is to buy better and tender for better retail rates, if possible fixing improved retail costs for the long-term to beat inflationary pressures on price.

            Why is high water price inflation here to stay?

            Unlicensed sewage discharge – £56bn capital investment from water companies imposed by the government

            Ofwat challenged water companies to reduce leakages by 16% by 2025 and 50% by 2050

            Investment is needed to fix decrepit network infrastructure and create new reservoirs

            Water companies feel pressured to invest in better communication, billing and service. With fines totalling £114m to be paid back to customers in 2024

            Private investor dividend expectation

            Water investment is needed now to protect against a finite and increasingly scarce resource

            Long term price increases for customers, as Water companies will need to recover these costs.

            Please do not hesitate contact us on 0191 9179050 to discuss how Telex Water can create a smart holistic water strategy to avoid long-term cost increases.

            Client testimonials

            “We had many contracts that were simply rolling and overpaying the default Water rate charge.  This reactive situation had to change, and Telex Water ran a PCR compliant tender for us delivering controllable savings for the next nine years.

            We controlled our risk from leaks and disease, all with useful cost avoidance savings of over £300k for supply and a controllable function that put us in the driving seat.

            Telex Water’s responsive service and attention helped create useful reports which we defined, giving my managers and senior team a far more effective sense of purpose and protection for 50 schools, protecting hundreds of vulnerable individuals.  Once we started speaking with Telex we knew we had a useful, helpful, modern and protective partner.”

            Procurement Manager – Harris Federation

            Contact us

            Our process is comprehensive and driven by Telex Water’s passion to be the customers champion and because of this, a comprehensive data and spend analysis is conducted prior to a Framework tender launch. By doing this, Telex Water ensures the robust integrity of the data that supports a proposed tender coupled by, the ability to correct historical data to avoid any future incorrect charging issues.